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Mix Up Theatre's Top 10 TV Shows

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

As voted for by you! Here's Mix Up Theatre's 10 Highest Rated TV Shows...

The Top 10 Highest Rated TV Shows at Mix Up Theatre! Cast your votes...

Mix Up Theatre's Top 10 TV Shows

Available on: Disney+

Daniel (Age 12) - ★★★★1/2

"Obi-Wan Kenobi was great. It has a bunch of lines that fans have been waiting for years for the cast to say. It also was really cool to see (SPOILERS!) flashbacks with Hayden Christiansen and Ewan McGregor back together again. Darth Vader looked amazing in this series with that same intimidating appearance he had in the original trilogy. Some parts of Reva's storyline didn't make sense, for example how does someone get stabbed in the same place twice and survive both times? Anyway apart from that the whole show was good with great action. "

2. Hawkeye (2021)

Available on: Disney+

3. Young Justice (2010 - 2022)

4. Gravity Falls (2012 - 2016)

Available on: Disney+

5. Over the Garden Wall (2014)

6. Abigail's Party: Play for Today (1977)

7. Horrible Histories (2009 - 2023)

Available on: BBCiPlayer

Available on: Disney+

Callum (Age 12) - ★★★★★

'I really liked this show because it gave me an insight into how the multiverse will work. I have grown to like the character of Loki and I like him even more now The revelation of the villain at the end gave me chills. I can’t wait for what is to come. '

9. Doctor Who (2005 - )

Available on: BBCiPlayer

Available on: BBCiPlayer

Daniel - ★★★★★

"This is an amazing tv show, it is very funny and relatable. The actors are all amazing but Christine is by far my favourite. I like it because all of the characters are like real people that everyone has encountered before. My other favourite characters are Jazz and Beth. My favourite episode is the one were everyone is woken up by a car alarm.

Overall this is a great show that anyone who enjoys a good comedy should watch."


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