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Letters of the Crucible: A Showcase

Letters of the Crucible: A Showcase

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During lockdown of 2020, the Senior Students (Age 12-18) at Mix Up Theatre studied Arthur Miller's The Crucible and the themes within the play. They had a group read of the play, discussed the context and themes and proceeded to create their own characters and storylines which ran parallel to the events in the play.


The students wrote letters in character as people who had been accused of witchcraft. We devised short films in which these letters were found hundreds of years later.


This showcase includes these short films, scenes from the play and sketches based on 1950s USA & Communism and 2020 Cancel Culture - The Modern Day Witch Hunt. We had students from Edinburgh, Dunfermline, London and Madrid join us for this performance - with those outside of Scotland joining us through prerecorded material and live link ups.


PART ONE - The Letters

PART TWO - The Play


PART FOUR - Cancel Culture

MIX UP THEATRE Seniors Class runs Fridays 7pm online - Next project is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

You can book in HERE

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A playful and poetic exploration about getting lost in the loneliness of your living room and trying to find your way home.

Age 5-11s - Mix Up Movies!

For more chapters visit our YouTube Channel:

The Crucible Research...

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