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Theatre REVIEW: The House - Manipulate Festival 2024 - ★★★★★

The House tells the story of the Warehouse Family Funeral Home.

On her deathbed the undertaker changes her last will and testament,  a secret begins to unravel and an evil plan is formed.

Sofie Krog and David Faraco lead you behind closed doors and into rooms which hide unspeakably dark deeds.

This complex puppet performance takes place in a revolving set featuring intricate lighting, strange contraptions and scary sound effects; the perfect setting for this comically chilling journey.

Presented as part of Manipulate Festival 2024, running from 1–11 February at venues across Edinburgh.



Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh - run ended


Ailie (Age 14) - ★★★★

'The House' was a comedy, horror, murder mystery puppet show! I thought it was funny and really interesting to watch as it is not the kind of show you see normally at the theatre. My favourite character was the talking dog as it often had the audience laughing. It could kind of talk and communicate with some of the other characters which I found entertaining. Another thing I liked was how the show used sound to help tell the story as it made me feel scared and nervous about what would happen to the characters. In conclusion I would rate 'The House' 4 stars because I really enjoyed it although I was a bit confused at points by what was going on.

Matthew (Age 15) - ★★★★★

'The House" is an eccentric story of murder and comedy, told through the medium of hand puppets. It's zany and funny with a delightful conclusion that warms the heart. Highly recommended.


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