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Theatre REVIEW: Romeo & Juliet - ★★★★

Romeo & Juliet

adapted from Shakespeare

Your family teaches you to hate

You fall for a forbidden foe

You act without thinking and risk everything to be together

A hostile and dangerous city. Two families wage a bitter war. Death threats are shouted brazenly in the streets. Will a young innocent couple become a sacrifice of this hateful feud?

This pacy and inventive 100-minute adaptation of Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy is specially created for students and teachers of English and Drama - and anyone new to the play.

Following on from last year’s successful and critically acclaimed production of DNA, The New Wolsey Theatre proudly brings together the very best of East Anglia’s emerging talent to devise a contemporary and playful ‘Romeo & Juliet’ for audiences of today.

“If you haven’t seen this classic play, then it’s a good opportunity to experience a pretty slick version and to see some of the best emerging talent in the region at the same time.” British Theatre Guide review for DNA, 2023

Presented by The New Wolsey Theatre

Directed by Douglas Rintoul



The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswish - Online Streaming 8th February


Jan (Age 12) - ★★★★

“I quite liked this show, it was touching and dramatic, and a good way of showing the original play in a modern style. The set was good, I liked how they could switch between two scenes within a second. The lighting was great and it really emphasized the emotions in the scenes.

The actors did a good job, I particularly loved the characters of Mercutio and Balthasar, and I think Benjamin Prudence should deserve a lot of credit for his parts. Bethany O'Halloran was great, her roles of Nurse, Lady Montague, Tybalt, and Friar Joan were all amazing. I liked the way each actor had multiple roles.

At times, the Shakespearian language was hard to keep up with, but it was still understandable. The sets were plain, I think more props would have made the scenes more engaging, 

Overall, this is a thoroughly entertaining show to watch, and portrayed a classic play in a modern style perfectly.”


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