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Theatre REVIEW: Poggle - ★★★★★

Vince wants to explore the forest but he's too scared; until he meets Poggle, a friendly creature who takes him on an adventure through the forest to discover the magical musical tree.

A funny dance theatre show with live music and an invitation to discover hidden secrets within the set.

Barrowland Ballet



The Studio, Edinburgh - Saturday 24th February - run ended


Mix Up Junior (Age 5) - ★★★★★

""I give the show 5 stars. The best bit of the show was the man dancing and going on the stage. I liked the creatures. The girl was also good and her dancing."

Stewart - ★★★★★

"A wonderful experience, a fun adventure for the audience with lots of great interaction. The dancing and movement is spot on and was perfectly pitched at the age group. The show is well set out and pace and the time of the piece is clearly carefully considered for the set audience and age group. We loved it and it had our little one engrossed the whole way through. Lots of fun to have the kids go up and have a look around after the show as well with lots of fun nature inspired surprises in the set. Excellent."


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