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Dance REVIEW: On Before - Carlos Acosta - ★★★★★

Carlos Acosta is the world's favourite dancer and On Before, which sees him dance a full-length show again, is a homage to his late mother and the most personal work he has ever created.

On Before embodies Carlos' astonishing dance vision and features collaborations with major UK and international dance makers, Russell Maliphant, Kim Brandstrup, Will Tuckett, Raul Reinoso, Yury Yanowsky, Miguel Altunaga as well as Carlos’ own choreography.

In a framework created by Carlos, On Before tells the story of a doomed relationship between a man and a woman, set to a diverse musical repertoire ranging from Handel to Cuban contemporary composer Omar Puente and culminating in a moving finale featuring a live choir performing Morten Lauridsen's O Magnum Mysterium.



Festival Theatre, Edinburgh - run ended


Ailie (Age 14) - ★★★★★

"On Before is a dance show by Carlos Acosta and Laura Rodriguez. In this show there were 4 performances in part one and five in part two.  My favourite one was the 2nd performance in part one which was called Memoria as it was very upbeat and impressive as Carlos Acosta did lots of really difficult moves which I could never do. I liked it when they used projections on the screen as it was really cool to see the stage being used in different ways and you could see the dancers closer which meant you could see the moves more clearly. The projection they used was a video of them dancing. Both Laura and Carlos are really good dancers and they are both very flexible and talented. I would rate this show 5 stars because it was really enjoyable.


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