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Theatre REVIEW: Northern Ballet: Pinocchio - ★★★★

In a faraway land, a hard-working and lonely carpenter wishes for his puppet Pinocchio to come to life. By the magic of a wishing well his dream comes true! Pinocchio is playful and mischievous and must prove himself worthy of becoming a real boy. Join Pinocchio on his adventure as he discovers that where there is love and honesty, there is always magic.

An original retelling of the classic children’s story, Pinocchio is the perfect opportunity for your little ones to enjoy live ballet, music and theatre.

With sell-out performances and a string of hugely successful CBeebies TV adaptations, Northern Ballet’s productions for children are not to be missed.

An original ballet based on The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.



King's Theatre, Edinburgh


Sunday 27th February - Then UK Tour



Sunday 27th February - Poppy & Mum


"Northern Ballet’s production of Pinocchio at the Kings theatre Edinburgh is an exciting and welcome surprise. There was not much written about it other than “it was an original retelling of the classic children’s story”. You will go in not really knowing what to expect but it is worth the journey to see this short show for sure. The show, at 40 minutes long is the perfect length of time for introducing your little one to ballet. Not too long and equally not too little time. The set design is bright and colourful, and clever use of space! Every child was on the edge of their seats throughout the show.

This retelling of Pinocchio is not as you know it. With the help of a magic wishing well and friends, Pinocchio must prove himself to be a real boy. The small cast of dancers were outstanding and managed to tell the story without any lines or songs which the children were able to follow and were hooked the whole time! The lights dancing about and shown about in the many clocks on the wall in the lonely carpenter’s workshop is a lovely touch, it made the whole transformation of Pinocchio into a real boy rather quite magical.

Pinocchio ballet for children is a fantastic show and great opportunity to introduce younger children to the world of ballet.

The small set was bright and colourful and the space was very well used. The cast of dancers done an amazing job of the retelling of the classic children’s story. Except for one word, the story was easily told through the dance and the music. This was the first ballet show for my daughter, and at 40 minutes long it was a great introduction to the world of ballet for her. We thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend this fantastic show to everyone!"


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