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Theatre REVIEW: Little Murmur - ★★★★

Based on the true story of a child who one day realises they have been misspelling their own name.

Little Murmur is about discovery and overcoming the odds. An honest, funny and heartfelt journey about the trials and tribulations of living with dyslexia and seeing things differently. Combining visual design and technology with dance and humour Little Murmur explores the warped and exaggerated realities of living in a world you struggle to process.

This captivating performances uses wit, lighting, movement and illustration - a stunning visual treat! Watch bodies and words fly like flocks of birds, a murmuration, a little murmur.

Aakash Odedra Company and The Spark Arts for Children



Imaginate Festival, Edinburgh - run ended



Orla - ★★★★

"Little Murmur was about Subhash that had Dyslexia and he didn’t realise until he was 21 that he had an ‘A’ in his name. At the beginning of the story his movements were very jerky but by the end his movements were more like dance.

I liked it when the paper came down from the ceiling, first it was sheets and then paper dots. They were blown about by a circle of fans. My mum’s favourite bit was when ‘the murmuration of birds magically flew out of his book through the clever use of projection’.

I gave it 4 stars because I think they could have made it clearer what he was doing but then maybe with Dyslexia you don’t always see things clearly?"


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