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Theatre REVIEW: Group Portrait in a Summer Landscape - ★★★★

“We can't live as if we believed in nothing anymore”

This compelling and powerful story is set in a Perthshire country house during the Scottish Independence referendum of 2014. It revolves around retired academic and political heavyweight, George Rennie and his fractured family and former students, coming together for a dramatic reckoning. There are secrets to be exposed.

The play is an exploration of a way of life which is coming to its end, a family struggling to connect in the wake of political pain, grief and the beginnings and ends of great love affairs.

Expect a bold, funny and deeply thoughtful play about family and the forces that shaped the country we live in today.

A Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and Pitlochry Festival Theatre co-production. Running time: 2 hours (including one 20 minute interval)



Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh until Saturday 14th October


Stewart - ★★★★

"It's wonderful to see such a richly textured drama performed by an excellent group of actors at the Lyceum this week. The play follows a patriarch bringing together family and friends for a dinner on the verge of the independence referendum.

Writer Peter Arnott alludes the play to a "Scottish Chekov" and it definitely has that distinctive melancholy tinged with sharp humour as the characters talk or at least hint to their history together. Meanwhile the 2014 referendum sparks debate which of course as always leads to differences of opinion.

The set looks fantastic and as mentioned the acting is superb from this cast, with a special shout out to Benny Young as the elder actor with a biting tongue (something akin to Ian McKellen). Robbie Scott also is noteworthy presence in a difficult role which echoes the sadness that is felt within each character.

The play does somewhat lose its way before the end as a series of snapshots of scenes don't quite match the set-up which preludes it, almost as if it still needs a bit of workshopping to find the harmony. Still, it's an outstanding ensemble creating a unique and original take on a snapshot of recent Scottish history, thought provoking, funny, lyrical and memorable. Catch it while you can!"


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