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The Crucible - (Seniors Age 12+) - Plot Summary: Act Four

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

10th June 2020 - Cast Read-through

'The Crucible'... what happens when?

Here's a little recap on the main events of The Crucible. It's a good idea to learn what happens when, so that you can consider how elements of performance and design might change as the plot progresses.

Act Four - Salem jail, autumn 1692

  • Hale and Parris are persuading the prisoners to confess. Abigail has robbed Parris and vanished.

  • The judges ask Elizabeth to persuade John to confess. She agrees to speak to him, but she won't promise to try to persuade him.

  • Over a hundred people have confessed. Giles Corey wouldn't plead guilty or not guilty, so he was tortured to death.

  • John confesses, but he refuses to say he's seen other prisoners with the Devil.

  • John tears up his confession. He's lead out to be hanged.

  • Parris and Hale ask Elizabeth to persuade John to confess again, but she refuses.

So now having read through The Crucible we have quite a lot to consider. It's a fictional play based on real 17th-century events, but it also relates to 20th-century events, and is still relevant today.

Next up we're looking at Context and Themes


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