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PLAY FOR THE DAY: The Stone Foxes Stop Coronavirus by Archie Turnbull (Age 7)

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Here's today's Play for the Day by Archie Turnbull (and adapted by Mix Up Theatre)



The play begins in London, the Year is 2140. Coronavirus wiped out many people, only the very strongest survived, men who were linked to the great Roman warriors of hundreds of years ago, they were known as the stone people.

SANDY: We must finish this work before night fall.

ARCHIE: Our food runs short, Stewart, do we have any bananas left?

STEWART: [moving banana skins out the way and talking with his mouth full of banana] No. Sandy ate them all.

SANDY: I did? I am sorry. I did not realise.

STEWART: Yeah, you are a greedy guts. [finds another banana and hides it]

SANDY: I miss the sound of children in the streets, I miss the sound of the city.

ARCHIE: I miss food other than bananas, like a Lasagne.

STEWART: Well, you are in luck.


STEWART: Because there's no bananas left.

SANDY: If only there was a way we could go back in time and stop the coronavirus.

STEWART: Why don't we just go to the Magic Tree and travel back in time?

ARCHIE: What? There's a Magic Time Travelling Tree? Where?

STEWART: It's just down the road.

ARCHIE: Why didn't you tell us?

STEWART: You never asked!

The Stone People go to the Magic Tree

STEWART: Be careful, if we go in the wrong way it will bash us.

SANDY: I know this tree, the Whomping Willow, it is a magic tree. It used to guard a great School of Magic - Hogwarts

ARCHIE: Let's use the Magic of the Tree to travel back to when Televisions have just been made so we can warn everyone about the Coronavirus.

As they go into the tree, Stewart quickly eats the last banana and throws the skin away but the tree throws it back and Stewart slips on it.

The tree then bashes him in the head.


The Stone Men travel back in time to the first television.

ARCHIE: This is it, this is the first television! If we put a warning in it about the Coronavirus then every television that gets made will be able let the people know the message.

The Stone People put the message inside the television. They look at the Whomping Willow. It shakes.

SANDY: I don't think that's enough to save the world.

Sandy puts his hand on to the tree.

SANDY: I can hear the Tree talking it says the only way we can defeat the Coronavirus is if we use the tree's magic to become Stone Foxes and fight the Coronavirus!

ARCHIE: Let's do it!

ALL: Yeah!

The Whomping Willow turns the Stone Men into the Great Stone Fox Warriors.

ARCHIE: Now we can stop the Coronavirus! Let's go!

SANDY: Wait....Where's Stewart?.....

STEWART: Down here. Come on guys. Let's go....


London, 2020, the streets are busy again. The Stone foxes mission was a success.

ARCHIE: We did it! Everything is back to normal!

SANDY: And we've turned back into humans.

STEWART: I've not!

SANDY: Oh no. The Whomping Willow must have forgot to turn you back. Should we go back and ask it?

STEWART: Naaaah, it's ok. That thing always bashes me on the head. I don't mind staying a fox.

ARCHIE: Wait a minute! If everything is open again, Maddie's Italian Restaurant will be open!!!!! You know what that means!!!


All 3 of them run to Maddie's Italian Restaurant - the busiest restaurant in London. And THE BEST lasagne!

MADDIE: Hello boys, you are just in time! Lasagne is just out the oven and your table is free.

ALL: Woohoooo!!!

MADDIE: But sorry boys, no pets!

ARCHIE: No Maddie, that's not a pet it's actually Stewart! He was turned into a fox.

STEWART: Yeah Maddie, it's me! Stewart

MADDIE: Then you're definitely not getting in!


MADDIE: You didn't pay your last bill!

ARCHIE: Sorry Stewart, we'll try and save you some.

SANDY: Yeah why don't you go eat that banana you've been hiding!

Archie and Sandy follow Maddie into the Italian Restaurant.

STEWART: I hate bananas!!!!


Draw a picture of what your Stone Fox Warrior would look like...

Do you have a Play for the Day - send it in to us.....

Here's Sandy's Harry Potter inspired play...

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Marty McFly
Marty McFly
Jun 07, 2020

Good play Archie good with me in and Harry potters womping wiwio

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