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Olivia Twist & The Apartment

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Edinburgh Age 5-11s....

Who will buy this wonderful morning?

Such a sky you never did see!

Who will tie it up with a ribbon,

and put it in a box for me?

ASSEMBLY ROXY - Saturday 25th June

10am - Rehearsals Age 5-11s - Olivia Twist

11am - PERFORMANCE: Olivia Twist

11:30am - Rehearsals Age 12-18s - The Apartment

12:30pm - PERFORMANCE - The Apartment

1pm - Finish

I've been wanting you For so long, it's a shame Oh, baby Every time I hear your name Oh, the pain Boy, how it hurts me inside

'Cause every time we meet We play hide and seek I'm wondering what I should do Should I, dear, come up to you And say, "How do you do?" Would you turn me away?

You're as much to blame 'Cause I know you feel the same I can see it in your eyes But I've got no time to live this love No, I've got no time to play your silly games Silly games

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