How to Train Your Dragon: SUMMER ONLINE PROJECT - 29th June - 11th July

Updated: Jul 5

Our first Summer Online project is based on How to Train Your Dragon.

We will recreate scenes from the Movie and add new characters and stories as well. Here's what we have coming up...

DAILY DRAMA CLASS - 11am / 2pm (Alternates)

(We are flexible on this time and can change it to a time that suits all)


We shall set you a number of challenges throughout the 2 weeks - from designing your own viking island and boats to training your own dragon (if you don't own a dragon you can use any other pet - or parent!)

You will receive Dragon Egg points for each successful task.

The students with the most Dragon Eggs, win some pretty AWESOME Prizes!

MAKE A DRAGON PUPPET - We will work with Big Debs and Little Debs on making our own Dragon Puppet!

VIKING TRAINING - Monday 29th June - 12pm

We start the Summer Online project off with a Viking Training Induction day. Create your own Viking Character and tell us tales of your viking adventures. Watch out though! There's something moving in the sky not too far away!


Create your own Viking costume using clothes from home. Compete in the Viking Fashion Show! What colours are you wearing this season? Olga Wintour is here to help!

The Legend of the Chinese Dragon: An Interactive Storytelling Session

We'll discover classic tales about dragons and put our own unique spin on the story with your help!

PERFORMANCE: The Dragon Who Hates Poetry by Dommy B


Monday 6th July 11am - Viking Voyages

Our Vikings tell stories of travels on the High Seas.

2pm - Filming: Pittencrieff Park

Our Dunfermline students filming dragon scenes outdoors.

Tuesday 7th July - 6pm - Drama Class: St George & the Dragon

An interactive story as we look at a classic tale of dragons

Wednesday 8th July - 11am - Arts & Crafts: Make a Toothless Dragon Puppet

Debs is back with more Arts & Crafts

Thursday 9th July - 2pm - Drama Class: The Hobbit

An interactive story as we look at a classic tale of dragons.

Friday 10th July - 12pm - Filming Scenes and some games to finish the project.

Throughout the week we will have extra classes for filming sequences for the movie.

There will also be a number of tasks to do at your own leisure and in your own time.

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