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Gallery REVIEW: Ulster Folk Museum - ★★★★★

The Ulster Folk Museum demonstrates how reconnecting with traditions, skills and customs from the past can help us grow and thrive in the world today.



Ulster Folk Museum, Cultra, Northern Ireland



Archie (Age 11) - ★★★★★

"Ulster Folk Museum is outside of Belfast and it's a village of old houses and a farm which show how people lived. You can walk around the homes and the shops. There are people you can meet and talk to like a blacksmith, a carpenter, a doctor and a person who lived in one of the little houses. Most of the houses were real and brought to the site and rebuilt.

What also interested me is many of the people are doing actual work - we saw a wooden saw being made, baskets woven and a blacksmith making a screw cap. I also got to try soda bread for the first time - yum!

It's one of the best places I have ever visited. I learnt so much and some useful life skills. I learned that waves on a medicine bottle means it should be handled with care. That coal cost a shilling (which is 5p).

Some of the shops sell actual products. I bought some Turkish delight in the sweet shop!

Everyone was so friendly and I loved what they were wearing. It was absolutely amazing / the site is so beautiful and I want to go back."


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