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Fringe REVIEW: Police Cops - ★★★★

Police Cops

Theatre (Comedy)

Age: 12+

Venue: Online

Dates: until 29th August

Mix Up Theatre Reviews: ★★★★

1976: Rookie Police Cop Jimmy Johnson is out to avenge his brother's death. Teamed up with a disgraced, renegade named Harrison, the pair begin to unearth the secrets that the case holds. Police Cops is a cinematic joyride, speeding down Adventure Avenue in a souped-up squad car. Returning from sell-out runs at the Soho Theatre London and San Francisco Comedy Fest; critically-acclaimed Police Cops bring you their multi-award-winning comedy blockbuster – an action-packed hour of adrenaline-fuelled physical comedy, cinematic style and uncompromising facial hair. Winner: Amused Moose Comedy Award.

Cameron - ★★★★★

“Extremely well put together. Witty and polished to a nice finish."

Theo - ★★★★

“I liked the parodying of cop films."

Eugene - ★★★★★


Xander - ★★★★

“Very funny and unique in the way they performed."

Dylan - ★★★★

“Very funny, the sequels are better."

Kenny - ★★★★

“Very smart."

Annika - ★★★★★

“It was a great production and the transitions, tones of the people's voices was cool."

Anna - ★★

“I didn't like it that much but it wasn't totally terrible."

Ellie - ★★★★

“It was a very funny thing to watch and it was very enjoyable."

Archie - ★★★

“I couldn't understand what they were saying"

Debs - ★★★★

“Was awesome, clever and inventive. Really laugh out loud and entertaining."

Stewart - ★★★★★

“Hilarious show, some great one liners in there! Wrong! Some great cop one liners in there! Wrong!!! Some great... (and so on!) - Wrong!'

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