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Fringe REVIEW: Mr Dilly's Alice in Wonderland - ★★★★

Mr Dilly's Alice in Wonderland

Children's Show (Storytelling, Adaptation)

Age: 5+

Venue: Online

Dates: until 29th August

Mix Up Theatre Reviews: ★★★★

Join Mr Dilly and MacMillan Children’s Books on a joyous journey to the magical world of Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems! Celebrating 150 years of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, you’re invited to a unique first-person glimpse into Wonderland! Meet your favourite unforgettable characters as Mr Dilly brings to life the grinning Cheshire Cat, the anxious White Rabbit, the noble White Knight; and join an endless tea-party with the Mad Hatter himself! Rediscover the magic! Don’t be late: you’d be mad to miss it!. ‘Just brilliant!’ ( ‘Absolutely fantastic!’ (BBC Radio Surrey).

We watched the show at our online drama class...

Magnus - ★★★★★

“I would give it eleventeen stars!"

Emily- ★★★

“I liked it."

Georgie - ★★★★★

“I like the rabbit!"

Amelia - ★★★

“I thought it wasn't too good but I thought it was good... so capiche?"

Callum - ★★★★★

“My favourite character was everyone."

Stewart - ★★★★

“A really nice twist on Alice in Wonderland seeing the story from Alice's eyes and well performed by the lead actor playing all the characters."

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