DRAMA GAMES: Yes / No Interviews - age 8-12s

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Drama games to play at Home


What you need?

2 players. Costumes (optional)

How to Play?

One player performs as the interviewer, the other performs as a celebrity / famous character.

The interviewer asks a series of questions but the interviewee is not allowed to say Yes or No.

Swap over when you manage to catch the other player out.


How about adding in some costumes. Try doing the voice and accents of the person you are performing as.

Time the interview, who manages to give the longest interview without saying Yes / No.


What you need?

Paper / Pen - sticky pad if possible.

How to Play?

One person writes the name down of a famous person or character and sticks the paper on the forehead of the other player.

This player then has the opportunity to ask up to 20 Questions to try and figure out who they are. However they have to be YES / NO answers - i.e. Am I British?


Keep a score, who can get the answers correct with the lowest amount of questions.

Players have to perform a scene / monologue / sing or dance once they find out who they are.


What you need?

Props (Optional)

How to Play?

One player enters the room going to a job interview. However this person does not know what the job is, but still has to pretend that they do know and give confident answers.

The interviewer(s) does know what the job is but needs to ask questions that doesn't give it away.

ie. If the job was a gardener:

"Do you like working outdoors?' is good.

"Do you like working in the garden and planting flowers?' is not good.


What would the next level of the interview be? Would there be a physical task / exercise that the interviewee needs to take part in.

Send any videos or photos of doing this lesson in the Comments below...


Have a think about this picture...

Create a short play or monologue using the above picture HERE

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