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Creative Writing: Plot - Lesson 4: Clever Connectives

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Clever Connectives

A connective is a word that links two words or phrases together.

Changing the connective can change the meaning of a sentence.

The farmers were angry because Mr Fox stole from them.

The farmers were angry so Mr Fox stole from them.

Sometimes a connective stops a sentence making sense.

The farmers were angry which Mr Fox stole from them.

Stewart, Alexander, Orson & Mylo run through this lesson...


Choose a connective and complete the sentence.

Use the connective word box above for extra help.

Mr Fox was clever ______

Mr Fox began to dig quickly _____

Then, Mr Fox stood up ______


Pick two different connectives to complete the sentences below, so each means something different. Can you draw an illustration for each sentence?

Use the connective ideas box above for extra help

Mr Fox couldn't sleep ___________ Rat was running around.

Mr Fox couldn't sleep____________ Rat was running around.


You can also use connectives to help you think of new plot ideas.

Finish the sentences below, as if each one was the start of a story.

  • There was a puff of smoke and __________________

  • There was a puff of smoke but __________________

  • There was a puff of smoke because ______________

  • There was a puff of smoke so ___________________


Read your sentences again. Which would make the best start to a story?

Write what happens next.


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