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Creative Writing: Plot - Lesson 1: What if?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Using resources from the Roald Dahl Story Company, Mix Up Theatre will be putting together a series of lessons on Creative Writing. This is suitable for any age group.

We will have a video of the lesson plan to go alongside this which is an optional extra.

So buy yourself a new jotter / notepad, grab a pen or pencil and let's get started.... remember to share with us your work as we go along.

Stewart, Alexander, Mylo, Orson & Myles work through the lesson....

What if?

The events that happen in a story are called the plot. As the author, you are in charge of the plot of your story. Anything can happen to your characters - exciting things, funny things or downright strange things. It's up to you!

Use your imagination to complete these What if...? questions. Do they help you to think of a plot for your story? Use the pictures for extra help.

  • What if the Earth was visited by __________ from space?

  • What if people could change into __________?

  • What if, instead of going to school, children went to _______?

  • What if ___________ could talk?

  • What if you found some magical ______?

TOP TIP - Inspiration can come from anywhere - real life, a game, a book or a film. Taking something familiar and asking What if...? is a great way to think of new ideas.


You can start creating your plot by thinking about the characters.

Draw a character. Label anything that's special about them. What could happen to them in your story?

What if my character_________________?

TOP TIP - You could think of a new adventure for a character you already know, or you could invent a completely new character. You can decide!


Thinking about the setting can help you to decide what happens in your story. Your plot can take place somewhere you know, or it could happen somewhere that's from your imagination. Write two setting ideas.

  1. A place you know well - What could happen there?

  2. A place you've invented - What could happen there?


Stewart & Myles talk through 'What if?', Roald Dahl & Chapters 1&2 of Fantastic Mr Fox...

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