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Best of 2021!

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Our students & teachers voted for their favourite Movie, TV Show, Theatre Show, Book, Album & Event of 2021! Here's the results...


Our students and teachers voted for their Top 5 films of the year (votes counted before new Spider-Man film came out!) - Here's the results...

  1. Black Widow

  2. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

  3. No Time to Die

  4. Free Guy

  5. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

  6. Cruella

  7. Jungle Cruise

  8. Eternals

  9. Dune

  10. Red Notice

Dunfermline Odeon - Black Widow screening

Mylo in Edinburgh - Black Widow

Have you seen these films?



  1. Loki

  2. Wandavision

  3. What If?

  4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  5. Superman and Lois



  1. King's Panto: Sleeping Beauty

  2. A Rubbish Midsummer Night’s Dream

  3. It’s Not Rocket Science

  4. The Importance of Being…Earnest?

  5. Hyenas!

  6. Beauty and the Beast: The Musical

  7. The Play That Goes Wrong

  8. Come From Away

  9. Shrek - The Musical

  10. Aladdin

Erynn, Sandy & Stewart at the King's Theatre Panto: Sleeping Beauty

A Rubbish Midsummer Night's Dream at the Edinburgh Fringe

Meeting the cast & director of It's Not Rocket Science at the Edinburgh Fringe

Workshop with Say It Again, Sorry? - the team behind The Importance of Being...Earnest?

Hyenas! at the Edinburgh Fringe

Erin & Aiden at The Play That Goes Wrong at King's Theatre, Edinburgh

Our students performing to Flying High CIC - the cast of Aladdin at the Edinburgh Fringe Summer Camp



  1. Ghostly Underground – Mercat Tours

  2. Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure

  3. Edinburgh Science Festival

Ghostly Underground - Mercat Tours

Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure

Georgie at the Human Nature Exhibition - Portobello Beach - Edinburgh Science Festival



Shang-Chi Vol.1: Brothers & Sisters



'The Shang-Chi graphic novel is a really good read. It has all of the great fights and secret societies but it keeps everything grounded, with only some magical or out-there concepts. The magic is not the focus of the story but it is still acknowledged. I like the way the secret society differed from its movie counterpart, giving it different motivations that still end up with a similar result. *SPOILER ALERT* I like seeing Shang-Chi trying to live a life away from his father’s society but being pulled back in and forced to take charge to stop it from going down a dark path. Overall, the novel is enjoyable and fun to read, I would recommend it to anyone interested in martial arts based movies or books.'



Adele – 30


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